Sunday, 1 August 2010

What was you favourite film when you were a child?

My mum gave me this book recently, 'Granpa' Illustrated and written by John Burningham, I was so amazed to see it, this is a book of my favorite film as a child. I had this on video and it was the only thing that could help me feel better when I felt ill or upset. If I had nightmares or couldn't sleep then downstairs I went with a blanket and my mum would put this on for me to watch. I had completely forgotten all about it and it's so wonderful to remember it again! The illustrations in the book are exactly the same as in the video, it's such a sweet but yet also sad story. It's definitely worth a view even if just for the art work which is so beautiful. Here are some more pages from the book:

 I've found the video on YouTube and it's in 3 parts, if you fancy a look here's part one.


  1. Ahh I loved Granpa as a child, always made me cry at the end though! :( The illustrations are lovely.

  2. thank you for putting my blog on your list and of course its ok! i feel privileged :) your work is looking fab and i love the materials you've had printed they're gorgeous.
    i never saw Grandpa i'll have to give it a watch, did you ever read either Slinky Malinki or Hairy McClairy by Lynley Dodd? they were my fav's as a kid. very cute!

  3. Hey Louise! No I didn't read those,maybe because I grew up in Germany? I'll try and have a look at them though! Hope your well, hows the crochet coming on?


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