Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Things I love - days 17 & 18

Butterflies! I am drawn to butterfly images at the moment so I thought I'd give it a whirl doing some drawings. Pencil drawings colored digitally. I'm not that happy with them but I need to keep these daily pieces in a certain time frame, so for now I'm leaving it at this. It'd be nice to do a piece of lots of butterflies in different positions and of lots of different colours.
For day 18 we have a garden bird, I love the stocky, cute look that they have... I still have today's drawing to do and I'll be posting that one tomorrow.. bye for now :-)


  1. I LOVE butterflies! Yes, will be so cool to make huge drawing with tons of butterflies in different colors :) You have to do it ;)

  2. gah! i love these! you never kill your art with overworking... i so admire that quality...


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