Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Things I love - day 6

I adore this necklace! I bought it last weekend when visiting my sister, I have a bit of a thing for over the top jewelery. In fact when I was at university I used to make and sell Jewelery through a craft shop in Exeter. My pieces were always really brightly coloured  and a combination of beads, buttons, bits of old jewelery, things found in antique shops, fabric etc.

I have really enjoyed drawing this necklace in life it is actually quite brightly coloured but for this drawing I wanted to tone things down a bit, to give it a softer feel. So here it is a drawing for day 6..

I have spent a lot of time today updating my website, I am slowly learning how these things work but it is a continuous learning process. There are so many of my images that need tweaking and I would love to have a big chunk of time to just work on it, at the moment progress seems slow, bit by bit..! However I did put together 3 new images today using owls that some of you may recognise from a few months ago. I plan to do ten of these owl images in total with the numbers 1-10, I want to start selling greeting card/postcards on my Etsy shop and this owl project might just be my first. This idea was partly inspired by my Grandma and my Mother who were talking last weekend about their favorite/lucky  numbers. I'm not sure if I have any, how about you?

I think they're sweet, twit twoooo!


  1. LOVE the necklace, love the detail and the soft colours, I want it! And the owls are so sweet!

  2. wow the necklace is gorgeous, the detail is really amazing as are the colours. well done you for keeping up the big project too i once tried doing a drawing a day, but failed miserably! may have to re-attempt sometime :)

    (oh and my lucky number's 8!)


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