Thursday, 30 June 2011

30th June

June lovely June...

you are almost gone
Tomorrow we will say hello to July and hopefully a month full of sunshine.

What are your plans for July?

Two of mine are:

To do some painting, I have restless images of paintings whirling round my brain, they really need to come out and I can't wait to begin work on them.

To cook different foods, I've fallen into the cycle of eating the same things and I really want to try some new healthy (and not so healthy, lavender shortbread anyone)?! foods.

All is busy here but good, and I hope to share more with you soon but for now here are some gems that caught my eye whilst browsing this evening.

Speak Soon **

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Its saturday and its raining, the weather is bonkers lately isn't it? One minute you need your wellies and coat and the next your wishing you wore your flip flops..And its officially summer now isn't it? *Hello Summer*!

I came across the artist Ana Gonzalez on Etsy recently. She has the shop anaglez and I love so many of her paintings for the textures, colour and imagery. This one is particularly fitting for my day today. Arthur's been going crazy being indoors, the weathers been bad so he hasn't wanted to go out so instead he's bouncing off the walls attacking anything that moves (including me)!! He woke me up twice in the night which I was rather unimpressed by. Hmmph!

From here.

Also I have a loom update for you, it is now threaded and ready to go, I will do some practicing on it later and show you some photos. As you can imagine I've been exploring weaving online and I'm getting really excited about what I could make!

Right now I'm listening to this quite a bit, I had a big obsession with it when I first heard it last summer but now it's back in my head, maybe its all the talk of festivals..

Have a great day all :-)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Its Wednesday

Not Thursday

I woke up today convinced it was Thursday, and now I keep thinking 'its friday tomorrow'...It must of been one of those weeks!!

I've had a busy but good day. Lots of laughing and good stuff at work today. Today I got to:

Work on the vegetable garden
Sing songs
Help with numeracy
Help with literacy
eat yummy carrot cake
Work in the weaving workshop carding some wool
Be silly
Be serious
watch  a swimming lesson
See Cows & sheep & piglets..The piglets are incredibly cute,they play like puppies..Watching them makes me question my meat eating..(I was a vegetarian/vegan for 18 years of my life you see).
Spend time looking at flowers, today's favorite, giant purple poppies.

I did all this whilst working with some amazing children. I'm very grateful for my Wednesday (not Thursday)..

I also got to bring home a small loom! Watch this space! I can't wait to learn how to use it, tonight I finished tieing up the ends..I think I've gone wrong somewhere though..I seem to have 3 random strands of wool left over...I can't figure it out. Anyway its exciting!

I hope you are all well out there and your Wednesdays have been fun..What have you been up to??

Here are some nice things for today..Enjoy :-)

Rockin Robin teapot by SimpleCeramics on Etsy, I would LOVE to own this..Wouldn't you?

Shadow Puppets a mixed media painting by ScribbleMe at Etsy - Check out this store by artist Jamie Hudrlik. Brilliant work.

Night night ****

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tuesday's sparkly things

This is awesome

Circus print by ybryksenkova  at Etsy. Yelena Bryksenkova is an illustrator/artist from Russia who now lives and works in Baltimore USA.

And this too is also particularly good, both the song and the video:

'New Romantic' by Laura Marling..

ENJOY! ****

Monday, 20 June 2011

New work!!

New work! I'm so excited to show you the new blog banner I've been working on for the blog 'Creative Item'.

'Creative Item' is a blog featuring design/craft/photography & lifestyle topics by the lovely Katie Meyer.

Here is a screen shot of my design in place:

I came up with 3 designs for Katie but this is the one she went with in the end and I'm quite glad as it was my favorite! She also decided to just keep it b&w which does look great, the original idea was to use pastel shades with collage technique however I think the b&w looks very fresh and stylish and works with the rest of her blog. Kate was great to work with and I'm happy to have designed for such a lovely lady with a beautiful blog. :-)

Now go over and read some of her posts!

Creative Item Blog
You can also find Katie at @CreativeItem on Twitter

Toodle pip!

Blog feature over at Dutch Blog Vlinspiratie

The Lovely Onneke got in touch with me to let me know that my work had been featured over at the blog Vlinspiratie run by Monique van der Vlist.  Monique works as an art director for the Dutch creative living magazine: 101 Living Ideas

Here are some screen shots taken from Vlinspiratie today:


Monique featured my Vintage Teacup print and also my Spools of thread print.  Both of which are for sale in my Etsy shop.

I will also have a new piece of work to show you soon. It is a banner that I have been working on for the lovely Katie Meyer who runs the design/lifestyle blog 'Creative Item' (used to be 'Kate makes it'). I really like how it's turned out and hopefully I'll be able to show you in the next few days!

Cheerio for now! :-)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dreaming of horses again.

 Grooming horses and picking out their hooves by a gate in the snow. It was quite dark and icy. Do you have recurring animals in your dreams? I often dream of horses. Sometimes rabbits. Mainly horses though.. I would love to know of your animal dreams or just funny dreams in general..They are so interesting aren't they?! Have a great Saturday everyone *******

Via this Pinterest Board by EZ E Can't find original location, but would love to know!

Friday, 17 June 2011

My mum is awesome + DIY projects!

Happy friday folks! How are you all today? I am taking part in some forced down time. My life has been so hectic the past few weeks. Work has been very busy and I've been really tired. Going to bed at 8pm kind of tired. So tonight I am chilling with the cat and browsing blogs.Tomorrow & Sunday I have art planned and I am so looking forward to some art time.
I wanted to share with you some great DIY projects that I have come across via my mums (Debbie Morley) pinterest! My mum has got completely addicted to pinning! I'm also going to help her set up a blog for her poetry and short stories which I am so looking forward to...Go Mum!! :-)

Check these DIY projects out..Maybe an idea for this weekend??

This cake tin lampshade is just adorable.I'd take that bedside table too!
From LillieDale
Amaaazing mail cage! I would love one of these!

Need to organise your packaging supplies? I know I do!
From Shannoneileenblog - There are loads more DIY projects on this beautiful blog, check them out!
Have a great weekend ****

Monday, 13 June 2011


We had a lovely sunny saturday over here, I stayed in my pjs far too long playing with the cat and preparing for a visit from some Devon friends...We had a bbq in the evening and walked along the river in the afternoon. It was lovely to catch up with some great friends, silk screen printing weekends and surf trips were organised and I can't wait! I have so many printing ideas going on in my mind...Which reminds me that I still have to finish some lino prints...Oops!

Also did anyone notice the comment left by Dana on the post below?? She is offering readers of this blog 10% off anything in her new shop Apple & Pie by using the coupon: Rebekah... Go find something you like!

Have a good monday everyone!


Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Etsy shop - Apple & Pie

Apple & Pie belongs to artist Dana Komjaty..

I wanted to mention Dana whose work I adore and am constantly amazed, impressed, inspired by. She just keeps on making the most beautiful artwork and objects and she has recently opened another Etsy shop. She has three now:
leililaloo: filled with things she makes with her sewing machine
danakomjaty: Prints and paintings
AppleAndPie: Prints which are based on animals and their symbolic values and characteristics. You really have to check out all these shops especially the new one AppleAndPie.

Here is a link to her blog and some of my new favorite pieces from the Apple and Pie shop.

To buy here

To buy here

*Wishing Dana lots of luck with her new shop and new fabric line..Its awesome seriously, check out her blog for info!*

Monday, 6 June 2011

In the shop

Hey chaps + ladies!  how are you all on this sunny evening? I hope all is well out there. I wanted to tell you that I have updated some of the photography in my Etsy shop, see top image. I wondered if you fancied taking a look and letting me know what you think? It would be very helpful. I took quite some time re photographing everything and using my dining room as a make do studio as you can see in the bottom image. I think i'm slowly getting the hang of how to make things look good!

Also there are now postcards for sale in my shop, I've added a couple and will be adding more over the week. Go see!

Onwards to the my Etsy shop!


Thursday, 2 June 2011


I seem to be in a lot of treasuries these days (thank you) and they are all lovely and I would love the chance to share them with you more often. Today these two caught my eye and I especially wanted to share 'Ode to Needle Arts' by artsdomesticas as there is another of my fave artists/bloggers in there, Louise Taylor of the blog Crem-bru-la.Her work is on the bottom left 'Crafty - Original painting'.

Ode to Needle Arts

The next treasury I wanted to show you features my Diamonds and birds print which is for sale here in my Etsy shop.
This treasury is so beautiful don't you think?

Shades of green by ElnaDesigns

Yay for treasuries!  Right the sun is shining at last so I want to get out in it for a cuppa T before I take some photos of some new work for the shop. By the way did I tell you that my new printer arrived? So I can now print from home using archival paper and pigment inks? I am so excited! Although the quality of my prints has always been great (I have been getting things printed at the fine art printers Niche in Stokes Croft bristol). I  now have more control over how quickly I  can ship prints to people and the prospect of doing art markets is now a possibility.

Very exciting!   Right enjoy your mornings everyone!


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Happy June 1st!

Happy June 1st! Lately we have been on a few walks along the Frome Vally path which is right near our house, its a beautiful route along the Frome Vally river, lots of people walking dogs and I enjoy choosing my favorite one for the day! Current fave is a Springer spaniel!

We have been doing quite a lot of decorating, got the paint for the floorboards yesterday, slate gray, the kitchen is on its 3rd coat of white and the cupboards are going to be satin jade by crown, (Ben's still hard at work whilst I write this)! So as you can imagine the house whiffs of paint, I feel quite sick and the entire contents on the kitchen are everywhere else in the house. But it's going to look FAB!  :-)

Oh and wanted to show you this new picture that finished not long ago.

What do you think? I have a bit of a fascination for retro telephones at the moment. Have a nice day, Lets hope the sun comes out!