Saturday, 25 June 2011


Its saturday and its raining, the weather is bonkers lately isn't it? One minute you need your wellies and coat and the next your wishing you wore your flip flops..And its officially summer now isn't it? *Hello Summer*!

I came across the artist Ana Gonzalez on Etsy recently. She has the shop anaglez and I love so many of her paintings for the textures, colour and imagery. This one is particularly fitting for my day today. Arthur's been going crazy being indoors, the weathers been bad so he hasn't wanted to go out so instead he's bouncing off the walls attacking anything that moves (including me)!! He woke me up twice in the night which I was rather unimpressed by. Hmmph!

From here.

Also I have a loom update for you, it is now threaded and ready to go, I will do some practicing on it later and show you some photos. As you can imagine I've been exploring weaving online and I'm getting really excited about what I could make!

Right now I'm listening to this quite a bit, I had a big obsession with it when I first heard it last summer but now it's back in my head, maybe its all the talk of festivals..

Have a great day all :-)


  1. Thank you so much Rebekah!! is an honor for me that you include my work in your post. I just know your artwork, and I love them, especially the sewing machines and reels, remind me of my childhood I was surrounded by fabrics and sewing machines.

  2. Ana's art is beautiful. I love her soft and warm colors. Thanks so much for sharing Rebekah!


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