Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Its Wednesday

Not Thursday

I woke up today convinced it was Thursday, and now I keep thinking 'its friday tomorrow'...It must of been one of those weeks!!

I've had a busy but good day. Lots of laughing and good stuff at work today. Today I got to:

Work on the vegetable garden
Sing songs
Help with numeracy
Help with literacy
eat yummy carrot cake
Work in the weaving workshop carding some wool
Be silly
Be serious
watch  a swimming lesson
See Cows & sheep & piglets..The piglets are incredibly cute,they play like puppies..Watching them makes me question my meat eating..(I was a vegetarian/vegan for 18 years of my life you see).
Spend time looking at flowers, today's favorite, giant purple poppies.

I did all this whilst working with some amazing children. I'm very grateful for my Wednesday (not Thursday)..

I also got to bring home a small loom! Watch this space! I can't wait to learn how to use it, tonight I finished tieing up the ends..I think I've gone wrong somewhere though..I seem to have 3 random strands of wool left over...I can't figure it out. Anyway its exciting!

I hope you are all well out there and your Wednesdays have been fun..What have you been up to??

Here are some nice things for today..Enjoy :-)

Rockin Robin teapot by SimpleCeramics on Etsy, I would LOVE to own this..Wouldn't you?

Shadow Puppets a mixed media painting by ScribbleMe at Etsy - Check out this store by artist Jamie Hudrlik. Brilliant work.

Night night ****

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  1. Gorgeous links, I love that teapot! And, hooray it's Thursday today which is even better! x


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