Thursday, 30 June 2011

30th June

June lovely June...

you are almost gone
Tomorrow we will say hello to July and hopefully a month full of sunshine.

What are your plans for July?

Two of mine are:

To do some painting, I have restless images of paintings whirling round my brain, they really need to come out and I can't wait to begin work on them.

To cook different foods, I've fallen into the cycle of eating the same things and I really want to try some new healthy (and not so healthy, lavender shortbread anyone)?! foods.

All is busy here but good, and I hope to share more with you soon but for now here are some gems that caught my eye whilst browsing this evening.

Speak Soon **


  1. Thank you for including our dress! Your blog is absolutely lovely!

  2. Your plans are great, new paintings and new foods, I love it! I'm going to go to the USA, disconnect and spend time with my family.
    Thanks for featuring my butterflies ;)

  3. Wow, I found this wonderful blog searching my inspirations. Perfect, you're wonderful. Sorry for my "good" english.

  4. Thank you Alx, i'm glad you like my blog!

  5. July means trying to stay warm here in Melbourne and more doing book work than crafting. I wish I was doing more of what you have planned, enjoy xx


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