Thursday, 2 June 2011


I seem to be in a lot of treasuries these days (thank you) and they are all lovely and I would love the chance to share them with you more often. Today these two caught my eye and I especially wanted to share 'Ode to Needle Arts' by artsdomesticas as there is another of my fave artists/bloggers in there, Louise Taylor of the blog Crem-bru-la.Her work is on the bottom left 'Crafty - Original painting'.

Ode to Needle Arts

The next treasury I wanted to show you features my Diamonds and birds print which is for sale here in my Etsy shop.
This treasury is so beautiful don't you think?

Shades of green by ElnaDesigns

Yay for treasuries!  Right the sun is shining at last so I want to get out in it for a cuppa T before I take some photos of some new work for the shop. By the way did I tell you that my new printer arrived? So I can now print from home using archival paper and pigment inks? I am so excited! Although the quality of my prints has always been great (I have been getting things printed at the fine art printers Niche in Stokes Croft bristol). I  now have more control over how quickly I  can ship prints to people and the prospect of doing art markets is now a possibility.

Very exciting!   Right enjoy your mornings everyone!



  1. aww thank you for featuring me! i'm honoured :) also very jealous you have your own awesome archival printer, that may have to be an investment for me in the near future! loving the new header too :D have a fab day! x

  2. thanks for the printer info, i may add one to my birthday wishlist! also, i mentioned you on my blog yesterday as you recommended me the moo greetings cards (which i got the other day and LOVE the quality!) so thought it only fair i linked to you :) x


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