Sunday, 23 February 2014

A long overdue spruce up of my online shops

So as some of you are aware I recently joined the fantastic Not on The High Street. My shop isn't live yet, everything is 'under review' I am waiting for the comments for changes or the OK from the people at NOTHS before it can go live. In the mean time I have given my Etsy shop a long overdue spruce.I have also just started to upload products to my Folksy shop again..So if you use Folksy or Etsy please do visit my shops :)

Etsy Shop
Folksy Shop

I will let you know as soon as my NOTHS shop is live too....*Eeeeeexciting*!

While I've been sprucing up my shops I have been listening to the fabulous Lucy Rose..Here's a video for you:

Speak Soon x

Saturday, 22 February 2014

New Art Print in my Etsy Shop :)

Here tis, inspired by a flock of Bluetits I have seen in my garden this week. It's quite a treat for me to see birds in the garden.I am on hols from work this week and so have actually seen my garden in daylight for the first time in months.Usually I am up way before the birds!

If you would like to purchase an A4 print of these fine fellows then click here.

Speak soon x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Not On The High Street

22 products submitted for review, now to wait and see what the reviewers say, I'm not 100% happy with the photos and will tweak and re do some of them. It's gone midnight now so off to bed I go, however I will leave you with these photoshoot pictures! :) Sweet dreams x

PS: Faran helped as you can see.. ;)

I heard this song today

I heard this song today, it's one I used to know off by heart but  I haven't heard it in years. Then today it came on the radio and now I can't stop singing it, I love the lyrics so much. If you haven't heard it before then take a moment to listen,,

Oxygen by Willy Mason

A snippet from yesterday's product photoshoot

More photos on the way! Faran dog ate my MacBook charger so off to buy another! *grumble*

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Pictures from here - Saturday 8th Feb

From top to bottom
My christmas present scarf, a Bonbi Forest Horse print scarf...Love it!!
The light in the hallway with the danish hanging star decoration.
Winter woolies and my charity shop ra ra ruffly skirt :)
Tea in a pot, how it should be!
In the spare room with the raku fired pinch pot.
The lesser spotted Arthur Cat, he lives upstairs now we have the dog :-/
My tiny ceramic horse and handmade ceramic button badge.
The wood burner...I'm so happy we have this, it's sooo cosy in the eves..

Happy weekend all!!


Monday, 3 February 2014

My first drawing in aggeeeesssssss.....

Be nice on a postcard or card don't you think? I will get some made up and in my Etsy shop soon... xX

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Walking in the Mendips with the hound.. The wind was up and it definitely blew away the cobwebs! It was so nice to see blue sky too, England has been so grey and rainy lately. For the first time in months I'm starting to feel inspired. I've been stuck in a work/chores/uni/sleep/work/chores/uni/sleep cycle for far too long. I feel like I'm on the home straight for uni now. Only my research project left to do and one mini essay and a few observations...Easy...( Ha)! I'm looking forward to leaving uni behind me for a while... Although I do seem to be someone who loves to do some course or another.Since I left uni almost 7 years ago I have almost completed 4 courses...Maths GCSE re take,  Diploma level 3 in Supporting Education, Diploma level 2 in Horse Care and riding and now my Diploma in Education. I've only had 2 years where I've not been studying since I started school as a little un!

Time for a break and more art time...Although an Art MA has always been tempting ;)

I hope you are all well x