Sunday, 2 February 2014


Walking in the Mendips with the hound.. The wind was up and it definitely blew away the cobwebs! It was so nice to see blue sky too, England has been so grey and rainy lately. For the first time in months I'm starting to feel inspired. I've been stuck in a work/chores/uni/sleep/work/chores/uni/sleep cycle for far too long. I feel like I'm on the home straight for uni now. Only my research project left to do and one mini essay and a few observations...Easy...( Ha)! I'm looking forward to leaving uni behind me for a while... Although I do seem to be someone who loves to do some course or another.Since I left uni almost 7 years ago I have almost completed 4 courses...Maths GCSE re take,  Diploma level 3 in Supporting Education, Diploma level 2 in Horse Care and riding and now my Diploma in Education. I've only had 2 years where I've not been studying since I started school as a little un!

Time for a break and more art time...Although an Art MA has always been tempting ;)

I hope you are all well x


  1. Hello :-D This was me last year, it is so wonderful to have my art time (chill out time) back now without feeling guilty that I should be studying. Lovely photographs and yes it was a beautiful day x

  2. hi gorgeous ☺️ our creativity is always there, waiting for us to remember it! we will make time for it and we will be fabulous ❤️

  3. Hi Tami, thank you for your lovely comment :) I drew a bird today, maybe inspired by yours and also a recent obsession with carrier pigeons! xx love

  4. lovely pics darling,and you've always been the same,on the go constantly....enjoy a bit of chill out time,you deserve you xx


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