Saturday, 8 February 2014

Pictures from here - Saturday 8th Feb

From top to bottom
My christmas present scarf, a Bonbi Forest Horse print scarf...Love it!!
The light in the hallway with the danish hanging star decoration.
Winter woolies and my charity shop ra ra ruffly skirt :)
Tea in a pot, how it should be!
In the spare room with the raku fired pinch pot.
The lesser spotted Arthur Cat, he lives upstairs now we have the dog :-/
My tiny ceramic horse and handmade ceramic button badge.
The wood burner...I'm so happy we have this, it's sooo cosy in the eves..

Happy weekend all!!



  1. Lovely captures of your cosy looking home and I love that scarf x

  2. lovely little that scarf and obviously adore the lesser spotted Arthur Cat!! xxx


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