Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New prints on Etsy

Hi all! I've added some new prints to my Etsy shop, these images were done around a year ago but I am really fond of them so decided to put them in the shop..I plan to get some prints of my pattern designs up soon....cheers all :-)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

This blog has grown branches....

Hello all! I feel like I've been a bit quiet on the old blog lately..I've been working really hard on putting my website together for my online portfolio and also putting together my Etsy shop and Spoonflower shop. I feel as though it's been ages since I actually made any artwork, even though I know it's only been  a matter of weeks. For me just one week without creating art can seem like an age though!

So yes I'm starting to feel like this blog has grown branches...which is really amazing..! When I first started this blog back in September 2009 I really never knew what I should post..It always felt sort of awkward somehow, but now it's feeling much easier and for me starting this blog was such a good thing. It has really given me the confidence to get out there and start showing the work I'm making. I'm just amazed every time someone comments on a post...The people who have commented have also been so supportive and also generous with their advice...Thank you!!

Oh yes the 'branches', I now have my own website! I am still tweeking bits here and there but it does exist and you can find it here www.rebekahleighmarshall.com
I'm very excited about my website, and also my new Spoonflower profile and new Etsy shop. Please check both out if you can, they can be seen through the 'shop' section of my website. I will hopefully have the patterns in the spoonflower account up for sale within a month. I have just sent off for the samples to check that the colors are all okay and this apparently may take 3 weeks. I'm collecting prints this week to put up on my Etsy shop so i'll keep you all posted on that. At the moment  the only print in my Etsy shop is this one:

This image was made using gouache paint and pencil on brown paper, I made it about a year ago and even though my art is moving a different direction now I still have a soft spot for this image.

 I can't wait to get both shops sorted, I'm very excited! I'm also planning on approaching local exhibition spaces in the next few months too. There is just so much to do, and I'm glad that I finally feel able to do these things.

Good night and thanks :-)

Lovely gifts in the post!

Today I received some lovely items in the post from Zarah from Illustrating Zarah! I responded to a give away on her blog back in April (see post here), Zarah was participating in a 'Get one gift give three away' game that she saw on Lone's world blog. I responded to Zarahs post and was lucky to be one of the three to get a gift!
Zarah is an illustrator and designer from Denmark and you should take a peek at her blog Illustrating Zarah. Here's what arrived in the post..

I love how Zarahs used perspex to create a two sided piece of art, I love the colours and am going to hang it up from my kitchen window :-) Thanks Zarah!

So now it's my turn to continue the game! The first 3 people to respond to this post will get a package from me with a piece of artwork inside. Come on, join in!

Monday, 17 May 2010

New website

Good evening all! I'm currently in the process of putting together my website, it's exciting but it's also so frustrating! I can't wait for it all to be done though! I'm using squarespace to put together my site and it is looking good...but I've just realized that all my images need resizing again...best to read the instructions before you start right?! Oh well..tomorrows a brand new day :-)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

snails and folk owls

Good afternoon :-) I have just put together three news designs, 2 of which are variations on the same imagery and another completely new one. I LOVE patterns...So much fun!!

I'm really happy with these patterns, the snail patterns would make lovely fabric for duvet covers or pillows for children. I'm currently in the process of setting up a shop on Spoonflower to sell my designs on fabric, I need to order the fabric samples first which I'll do in the next week or so..And my Etsy shop is on it's way. So much to do, and it's all so exciting! Right I'm off to a BBQ, it's a lovely sunny day, bye for now :-)

A little update,pattern tweaked

Thursday, 13 May 2010

A little something

Here's a glimpse of some more patterns I'm working on, I'll update when they're completed..toodle pip!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Illustration Friday - Fearless

Lions are pretty fearless..even tiny lions that live in your garden and get dwarfed by butterflies..I have no idea where this came from...! I started off thinking about the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz and how he was a lion but not fearless and then this happened.

I LOVE the wizard of Oz..."Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY"!! Night night all  :-)

gee wizz

Good evening all! I have been attached to my computer since I got home at 4 o clock...it's now almost 10pm and I have things to share...ooh! Art takes up so much time doesn't it?! I skipped the gym again... and food shopping and avoided other things that need to be done in order to crack on with some art..I definitely need more hours in the day! Here some bits and bobs I've been working on..

And this.....

And this .......

I really love the last pattern, I've called it 'Sea Critters' and I'm working on another pattern with other little sea critters, pretty sweet. Oh and I also finally got round to  creating something for Illustration Friday's topic of the week. This week the word is 'Fearless'..I just need to tweak then I'll pop it up, it combines some of the work you've seen me create recently.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Problem fixed and a new and improved pattern!

I think the 'shadow' problem that I mentioned in the last post was caused by the guide lines used in photoshop to line up the main pattern motif. So I re did the pattern again making sure not to save anything whilst the guide lines were in place and it seems to have done the trick...So here we are..much better!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


A while ago I did some drawings of flowers and petals, I really liked the style of them and thought they would make great patterns, I'm really enjoying how bright and cheerful the colored backgrounds make these patterns...summery and delightful! :-)

here's what I've come up with so far.

This blue one reminds me of those tiny little fish that you can buy at pet shops...the shimmering blue ish ones!! I don't know what they're called, anyone else know?!

Then I began to play around with colour, I really like these patterns on the white and also with bright summery colours. So I thought I'd post my experiments.

I think the blue and the green are my favorites! Right I'm off to walk to the gym and to see some sunshine! I hope everyone's having a sunny day :-)

Sunday, 2 May 2010


So I have lots of images/ideas that I've created over the past year that I've wanted to turn into patterns...But I didn't know how to create repeat patterns until this week, I now have lots of work to do!! It's quite an exciting time for me at the moment with my art, I feel like it's all coming together at last..and I start a new job next week that will give me so much free time to create, I can't wait to see where it will all be in 6 months time. I at least hope to have an Etsy shop and a regular stall at one of the art markets in Bristol by the end of the summer. Here are some new patterns that I put together today, go me!

Sunny flower patterns