Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lovely gifts in the post!

Today I received some lovely items in the post from Zarah from Illustrating Zarah! I responded to a give away on her blog back in April (see post here), Zarah was participating in a 'Get one gift give three away' game that she saw on Lone's world blog. I responded to Zarahs post and was lucky to be one of the three to get a gift!
Zarah is an illustrator and designer from Denmark and you should take a peek at her blog Illustrating Zarah. Here's what arrived in the post..

I love how Zarahs used perspex to create a two sided piece of art, I love the colours and am going to hang it up from my kitchen window :-) Thanks Zarah!

So now it's my turn to continue the game! The first 3 people to respond to this post will get a package from me with a piece of artwork inside. Come on, join in!


  1. How nice! I love it when artists share! :) Your blog is cute, by the way, thanks for stopping by mine! :)


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