Thursday, 30 April 2015

DIY Weddings Part 5 - Button Holes

Morning all!

My DIY Wedding series (about my own wedding) is now almost complete. One thing I couldn't end without talking about was Button Holes! By far one of the favourite things I was making for the wedding was the button holes. I didn't go the traditional flowers route but instead chose a combination of materials that would last forever and looked a bit more unique.

Now before I get started showing off the colourful creations I put together I have to admit that I took a huge amount of inspiration from my good friend Gemma Ritchie of Autumn Jitters. She had a 'Tweed and Feathers' inspired wedding a few years , how amazing is that theme??!

I still have the button hole from her wedding and I love that it reminds me of her big day, I have it in a little vase in my living room :)

Before I show you some pictures of the button holes I made I wanted to put together a list of button hole inspiration for you!

Wild Feather Button Holes by Curious fair on Etsy

I recommend Etsy, Folksy and Pinterest if you are searching for inspiration or if you want to buy some lovely hand crafted button holes from independent designer makers.

The button holes below are by LindenFlowers on Etsy

For something a bit different you can have a paper flower button hole! Like this design by MissPoppinsandMe

There are so many designs and styles out there, why have traditional flowers that will wilt by the afternoon when you can have buttons, feathers, mini deer antlers even??
I chose fabric and feathers for my button holes, in the same colours as the bunting that we made, pink, purple, turquoise, gold and silver...

I LOVED the spotty feathers that I added,they added such a fun feel to the button holes :-D They were pretty easy to make and as I said make a great keepsake for people afterwards.

Okay so thats it for today, I hope you have enjoyed the post! If anyone has a DIY Wedding they would be interested in letting me share on the blog the get in touch! I would love to hear from you.

Have a good day all x

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Product photos a go go!

I have been busy taking product photos of all my new items. So far 15 necklaces and 12 cards. I am slowly listing them in my Etsy shop. These necklaces are all trials and I will be picking a select few to carry on making with slight variations. So these are one of a kind and the same colours, cord, bead, image combination may not occur again!

Necklaces are all £10
Cards £2

From my Etsy store :)

Speak soon!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

The past few days

Lots of trial and error going on over here! I will update on the jewellery progress shortly x

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Busy Bee's at HQ!

The past few days I have been playing around with ideas for making jewelery using my illustrations.Some of you may remember the pendents I made back in 2011/12 ?

So far I am unsure on what materials I will be using, I am playing around with a few different things at the moment. It's really exciting! I really adore drawing and designing but theres something special about using your designs to make other functional products.

I have also come up with a display card for the jewelery which I am really happy with. Yippee!

More jewelery news to come shortly..  :)