Sunday, 15 January 2012

Valentines cards in my shop!

I have made up some cards using my 'Budgies in love' design and my 'Roses' design that are now available in my shop as handmade greetings cards.

They come on white card with white envelopes and packaged in a cellophane sleeve.
Perfect for valentines, anniversaries, birthdays or just as a note card. My grandma got the Roses card for her birthday and she loved it :-)

These cards are £2 each and available from my Etsy shop.

So now the shop talk is aside how are you all? My January is going really fast, how about yours? I don't feel like I've even got my head round the fact that we are in a new year yet..! There is a lot to get my head around and lots to look forward to this year.

I took some photographs this morning around the house, it's had a few nice additions thanks to my nan who treated us to some new coat hooks and a lamp shade (thanks nan). They were from Urban outfitters and I had my eye on a fabric lampshade for a while. Mind you it does block a lot of the light out, the living room is sort of like a cosy cave at the moment!

 Ooops all my photos won't play nice today, they are refusing to stick to the center, tsk tsk!Anyhoo have a good evening folks. I'm going to watch the second part of the new Sherlock Holmes series on Channel 1 at 9pm, anyone been watching it? The first was pretty good!

Take care guys speak soon x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mid week

The lovely Lou of the Little green shed blog recently won one of my prints in a giveaway over at the for the easily distracted blog. Lou chose one of my vintage camera prints, the 'Zeiss Ikon Contessa' from the selection in my Etsy shop. Here is a photo from Lou's blog, a very nice selection of prints,cards and photos on her wall at home. Can you spot my Zeiss Ikon Contessa Print.....? I strongly suggest you head to the wonderful Little green shed blog & shop and while your there take a peek at Lou's 'home' section, you won't be disappointed!

To visit Lou's blog 'little green shed' click here

Also on Lou's walls are prints and postcards by Kerry of the Seventytree blog/shop - The smile camera print, bear postcard and drop postcard.

The 'laundry day' postcard is by Lou and is available in her Etsy shop

The Lino cut is by Melanie Wickham

The Modernist postcard is by Mrs Elliot books on Etsy

The Catherine Holme print is from Handz on Etsy

I love seeing my prints on others walls, it always makes me smile :-)

If you have brought a print from me I'd love to see it on your wall at home, you can just drop me an email at

I hope you are all having a good week? Mine is going fast but today feels like it should be a friday, if you know what I mean! Too tired :-/

Cheerio for now x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A belated happy new year!

A belated happy new year to you! I hope 2012 is treating you well. So far my January has been crazy busy. I'm back at work at the school and it's nice to be back, some of you will know that I work at a school as a Pottery workshop leader with special needs children. This term I have some really hard working students who have already made 4 coil pots in the past week, it's amazing to watch! I'm looking forward to seeing the other projects I have on paper come to life. Apart from school work I have a lot on with my part time courses, I'm doing a level 3 diploma in teaching and learning and a level 2 diploma in horse care and riding. The next few weeks are going to be hectic but I will get some new designs together soon. I'm really looking forward to finishing my part time courses in July 2012 so that I have more time for art and making. I guess you could say that's my new years resolution, to finish my courses..Oh and to travel to a new country for a few weeks. I'm considering Slovenia in the summer..

How about you all? Any new years resolutions or goals?

I got given a book on origami birds for Christmas, I can now make a penguin, swan,water bird and a crane! My favorite is definitely the swan though which is pictured. The last bird in the book in a peacock and it looks really difficult. I'm going to work up to it! Arthur isn't very sure of them. A second after the below picture was taken he swiped at it and I had to rescue a soggy origami bird from his clutches! Right I'm going to crack on with some coursework, have a good evening people!


PS: Hello to my new blog readers, I can't believe there's a 100 of you now, blimey! I think this calls for an art giveaway soon to celebrate :-)