Sunday, 15 January 2012

Valentines cards in my shop!

I have made up some cards using my 'Budgies in love' design and my 'Roses' design that are now available in my shop as handmade greetings cards.

They come on white card with white envelopes and packaged in a cellophane sleeve.
Perfect for valentines, anniversaries, birthdays or just as a note card. My grandma got the Roses card for her birthday and she loved it :-)

These cards are £2 each and available from my Etsy shop.

So now the shop talk is aside how are you all? My January is going really fast, how about yours? I don't feel like I've even got my head round the fact that we are in a new year yet..! There is a lot to get my head around and lots to look forward to this year.

I took some photographs this morning around the house, it's had a few nice additions thanks to my nan who treated us to some new coat hooks and a lamp shade (thanks nan). They were from Urban outfitters and I had my eye on a fabric lampshade for a while. Mind you it does block a lot of the light out, the living room is sort of like a cosy cave at the moment!

 Ooops all my photos won't play nice today, they are refusing to stick to the center, tsk tsk!Anyhoo have a good evening folks. I'm going to watch the second part of the new Sherlock Holmes series on Channel 1 at 9pm, anyone been watching it? The first was pretty good!

Take care guys speak soon x


  1. hiya you
    and lotsa
    for 2012
    lucky you
    to have
    a nan
    and love
    a crochet
    and furface


  2. The cards look beautiful Rebekah! My favorite is the birds.

  3. I just had to come by and say hi. Somehow I saw your blog name somewhere, and I am also Rebekka Leigh, and I'm also an illustrator...what are the odds? So, yes, had to say hello. Your work is so pretty!


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