Saturday, 18 February 2012

It's been a while....

I've been meaning to make this happen for a while..This morning I woke up early and made it happen..Early morning drawing..Wonderful..My sketchbook is brimming with notes and doodles for work that never quite happens at the moment..

I'm finding it so hard to make time for drawing and making..This makes me so sad. I think I need to do some serious re-jigging in my life to make room.. I need to plan in regular art and creative time..

Do any of you plan in creative time to your day/week? I'm imagining that i'll need to work on a few hours here and a few there as I just don't have a whole evening or day to spare theses days..I'd like to hear how other people with busy lives manage.

'Two for joy' 2012

I hope your all having a good weekend. I spent the day helping a friend search for fabric for her wedding dress, we were looking for tweed, linen and lace and found some lovely fabrics that may hopefully make a very unique, beautiful dress for my friends November wedding..Very exciting!

Speak soon folks ***


  1. I find it hard too and have been thinking I should schedule it in as well! It seems odd to have to schedule creativity but life can get so crazy it's hard to make time otherwise. I work from home so try to plan out my days as if it were any other job, with a lunch break etc. It rarely goes to plan but I guess it's better than no plan! Good luck!

  2. Beautiful drawing Rebekah, I love the magpies. It's so hard to find time to do the things you love when you have a full time job, especially in the winter as dark and cold nights aren't good motivators. I'm an early riser, so I usually wake up around 6am and find time to knit or do something creative for an hour or so before I have to leave for work (I start at 10 so that helps). I try to use at least a few lunchbreaks a week to do things, take my laptop to blog or knitting to work on. In the evenings, I make sure I keep my knitting, sketchbook and banjo close to hand so when I'm relaxing everything I need is right next to me so it requires minimum effort to get going. x

  3. I am by no means a professional like you but I do find it hard to have creative time too! I have two kids though so they need to come first. I tend to make my time when they are at school/nursery but then sometimes ideas just pop into my head and I tend to write them down or draw them out in what I call my book of madness! Quite often I look back and think what is that???

    Love the magpies so much x

  4. this is so lovely! it's so hard to fit creative time in, and for us creatives it's heartbreaking. but try not to worry too much, if i force it at times that are convienient i find i'm never happy with the work i do! the trouble i have is i'm always in the mood to do mega work at about 11pm and can keep going until 3am (i'm a serious night owl!) but then getting up for work at 7 am after 4 hours sleep is not good for me. so i spend an hour during my super-creative night time, then finish it when i get home from work the next day. i tend to find that works quite well :) you'll get there, and if you love it you'll find a little time here and there :D

  5. Since the twins were born and life settled down a bit, I started getting up a bit earlier to do things, even if it's sitting with just a cup of tea and my notebook. Otherwise there's just no time in the day. This morning I got up and did some writing for an hour, it was lush!

  6. i am in love with this. swooning love x

  7. Hi Rebekah, I'm so with you about not being able to find the time for art. I'm taking an incredible on line art class and all I want to do is draw & paint! But, I too am having a hard time fitting it in. Have to think about this too. Hope you are doing well. Niki started a thread on the Coconut Etsy team site to try to keep the group together. Hope it works! I really enjoy everyone from the coconuts and would love to stay in contact with each other. Take care!


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