Friday, 14 December 2012

Last minute Etsy shopping loveliness :)

Kids winter hood by Arch190 on Etsy, find it here.
Little yellow star by CarriageOakCottage
Winter Rabbit Gouache painting by Cathy Cullis
Kisses good night pillow by Collette Bream
Silvery protective hand bangle by Datter

These are a few of my favourite things ;) hows your Christmas shopping coming along? I'm about half way to done.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Photos from today and yesterday

From top to bottom:

Yesterday : A card made by one of the pupils at my school, I bought this at our Christmas market, however I can't bear to part with it so it's framed and hanging it my hall. Isn't is fantastic?

Today: My garden from the bathroom window, it's looking so wintery out there. I rarely get to look at the garden in daylight as I leave home in the dark and return in the dark.

Yesterday: A necklace I bought from the school market, again made by one of the pupils at the school, it's made of felt beads and wooden buttons on silver ribbon.I wore it last night with a grey tshirt and patterned skirt and it worked well, just added the right amount of fun and colour :)

Today: A lay in with Arthur cat, he's so so so cute! However he has taken to hiding under our bed so we think he's outside and then at 3am he's there sat on my head trying to wake me up for food!! Not funny! I guess it's a lesson to us, if we got round to clearing out all the surf boards etc that are under the bed he wouldn't be able to hide so well!!

I hope your all having a good weekend, I'm getting my head down to some university work and lesson planning now, not the best way to spend a sunday but it needs to be done.

Speak soon :)

PS: I recently finished some christmas cards for  a client and will be able to show you soon, watch this space x

Friday, 7 December 2012

Sofa time doodling

Flowers, bought for me by a friend who came to stay last weekend.

I hope you all have a great weekend :)

Speak soon x

Monday, 3 December 2012

Eat Smile Live - Nutrition and lifestyle coaching with Rochelle Foster

Hi folks! Long time no speak, I know..! I have been very busy with my teacher training, full time teaching and horse looking after..One thing I have been doing is working on the logo design for my friend Rochelle who is a nutrition and lifestyle coach. Rochelle has been coaching me for the last 3 months and she really is awesome :)

Above is the logo design I worked with Rochelle to create, and below is the logo in action, on a label for some of the raw food goodies Rochelle sends out to her clients.

I've almost finished working on some christmas card designs for Eat Smile Live that I will share with you shortly :)

You can contact Rochelle and find out more about EatSmileLive on Facebook:

Speak soon, I hope you are all well and getting into the festive spirit :)


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Grr some cheeky so in so is using my designs without permission!

My blue bicycle design has appeared on this tshirt dress in the ETSY shop DAUNLONDON.. It was spotted by my friend Fay who got in touch to let me know. I have contacted the ETSY seller asking them to remove the listing and not to use my images without my permission. We shall see.. in the mean time I've reported them to ETSY. Cheeky things!

Here is the listing for my blue bicycle A4 print. As you can see it's the exact same image.

Grrr this makes me unhappy!!!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Taking some time out

Hi folks! just dropping in to say hello :) I'm not here very much at the moment but i'm sure I will return soon. Life's just a whole lot of hectic at the mo. I'm not absent because I'm busy doing yoga in the sunset...This is a photo from my hol to France in the summer!

Anyhoo take care and speak soon.

Rebekah x

Friday, 24 August 2012

The Finches and Things exhibition & ramblings!

So the group exhibition that I have been part of titled 'Finches & Things' kicked off on monday 20th and tonight (Friday 24th) we will be taking our work off the walls. The opening night was a great success, with lots of visitors (thank you to all that came). I got some lovely comments about my work which is always nice :)

Any unsold work will be going to the 'Lovely Fairs' market in Failand, N Somerset tomorrow (10-4, come and visit)!

I will also be putting some framed prints aside to go into the St Werberghs city farm shop in Bristol. The city farm is opening a shop next week and I am so pleased to be one of the artists whose work they will be stocking which is very exciting! Plus I get to visit the farm and see all the animals when I drop off stock, yippee! :)

I've had a nice time today catching up on some blog reading, I've especially missed reading the 'Red Parka Diaries' blog.  Jen the lady behind red parka diaries is just so kind and helpful with all of her 'how to' pages and the other useful info she posts. I sometimes forget about the wealth of free resources available from bloggers on all sorts of topics. There really are some super kind & helpful people out there!

I hope to return to blogging more frequently from now on...I've finished my Level 3 in supporting teaching and learning course now. I have the shiny certificates to prove it to! It feels good to see all the work i've done over the past year checked off and graded. I've almost finished the 2nd course I was doing too. (I just have one assignment left).So by this time next week I want to have that one wrapped up aswell.

I start back at school next week, with a new class to teach which is very exciting! I will possibly still be taking the pottery as-well until they find a new teacher. Then at the end of Sep I start a part time teacher training course in the evenings...It looks like 2012/2012 is going to be as exciting as 2011/2012!

Well what are you twenties for ay?

Speak soon :)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Arthur cat is helping me prepare for mondays exhibition! Well sort of..! I've prepared 11 framed prints of various sizes and it's getting exciting... We are hanging all the work tomorrow and I can't wait to see it all together! :)

If your in bristol do swing by and check it out, 'Finches & things' at Hamilton house, Stokes Croft, Bristol. Opening night this monday 5-8 pm x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

'Finches & Things' a Bristol based exhibition

When: Opens on monday 20th August from 5-8pm, runs until friday 24th August.
Where: Coexist space, Hamilton house (next to the canteen bar) Bristol.

Showing the work of four illustrators, Abi Ponton, Bethan Buss, Jenny Mackendrick and me :)

Come say hello!


Friday, 27 July 2012

Holidays have begun

The holidays have begun...And that means one very important thing...Free time! Above is a selection of recent pictures, from top left...

  • In the shop 'Upstairs at BS8' on Park street, Bristol UK. Jessica Biscoe has moved in and now has a display below mine. I thought it all looked so nice I had to take a photo! Jess's jewellry and accessories biz is called Yiskah Knits and you can find her on FB and Etsy.
  • In our garden, my boyfriend Ben and our cat Arthur. Just chilling on a warm evening.
  • New prints for sale! Here you can see my new 'Wildflowers' print and a section of my 'Golden Finch' print.
  • Sunshine through the tree's on site at the school I work in.
  • Arthur in the bird bath :)
  • The window display of '7th Sea' the new shop on Cheltenham road, bristol. 7th Sea stocks handmade and locally made goodies. I bought a fabulous skirt there yesterday!
  • Looking out through my kitchen window!
  • Reflections and my new 'Bernard the Brave' Tshirt by Bethan Buss of Boodle Boutique. I love it, I never want to take it off, but it's white and I can't keep it clean!!
Do you have any summer plans? I have a lot on but i'm looking forward to it all. It's great to have so many good things going on. I'm going on holidays to France soon too. 8 days in the south of france with friends :) I've got my two Jinty Jones Swimwear Bikinis to take with me! JintyJones Swimwear is designed and produced in the UK by talented designer Laura Redford. Shame I never got round to working on that bikini bod!!

 One of the JintyJones Bikinis I have ready for my hol.

I'm also really looking forward to 'Pop up st Pauls', the pop up shop I'm taking part in from the 4th-11th August in Frome.

And there is also a group exhibition  with the 'Upstairs at BS8' ladies in Bristol to get on with, (i'll let you know about that closer to the time)!

Anyhoo I hope you are all having wonderful sunshine filled days!

Speak soon xx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New work :)

So I finally have some new work to show you! 3 new prints soon to be available in my Etsy shop and available from this Friday in 'Upstairs at BS8'.
Which one is your favorite? I think my favorite is the  Golden finch...

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lately..A little update

 Foxgloves on Dartmoor, Devon
 Our new challenge, a very over grown and run down allotment!
 My school summer fair, I had a pottery stall and sold things made by the students.
 Geoff, the horse I have on part loan, he's fantastic :)
Packing cards in our shop 'Upstairs in BS8' today.

Some photos from the past two weeks. Apologies for my lack of posts life has been busy. Really busy.

I am a few weeks away from the end of term, which means a few weeks off work for me and I can't wait. It also means I'm a few weeks away from finishing my two part time courses. I'm very much looking forward to having time to make new artwork. August also has a lot of other fun things in store. I am participating in a Pop up shop in Frome in the second week of august. I have a group exhibition in bristol in the 3rd week of August and I am off to France for a week of glamping (posh camping) with some friends!

I know you shouldn't wish time away but roll on August...!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Photos from the Lovely Fairs Market Sat 2nd June

Here are a couple of photos from the Lovely Fairs market. Laura who runs Lovely! Fairs just sent them through and I thought you may like to see! 

I really enjoy doing the markets and meeting other makers and customers :) I do need to get more organized with them though. I need to prepare a checklist of things to take and also create a mailing list form so I can start a mailing list. Next time...

Anyhoo enjoy the bank hol monday! I hear there are lots of street parties happening, If you are not street partying and just having a day out in town make sure to pop into 'Upstairs at BS8' which is where I will be toady.  We have a very exciting new artist/maker team on board, Tovie&Corrie of TovieCorrie. Their creations are just blimming gorgeous and I have my eye on many of their things...!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Lovely! Fairs market

Hi Folks

So I did a Lovely! Fairs market yesterday in Bristol with the wonderful Josephine Brimble-Fenn. It was fun sharing a stall and having someone around to make things a bit easier. Jo's work is really striking here are some of my favorite of her prints.

Jo doesn't have an online shop yet but will do soon, her work went down really well at the market and I had a pretty good day too.  Apart from a minor disaster at the start of the day..I arrived at the market and realized I'd left my table cloth at home! Luckily there was a great vintage shop up the road so I ran up and bought two beautiful (but expensive) vintage table cloths! Oh dear! 

I also met a lady at the market who runs a lovely company called 'Lavender house designs' they have a facebook page here. I bought a great little upcycled shelving unit to use as card/small print stand for markets.

So all in all I didn't make much but did get some great stall display items for future use!!

I'm at Upstairs at BS8 today and still have some of my Corgi cards and prints available, come get them while they're still around!

Speak soon and have a fab bank hol weekend! :)


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Corgi's and bunting, getting into the Jubilee spirit!

Above is a new design of mine, it will be on handmade cards for next weeks 'Lovely Fairs' art and craft market in St Michaels church on Gloucester rd, Bristol.

Opening times 10-3

You can go here to visit the Lovely fairs Facebook group. 

 I hope to see some of you there, ready for shopping and cream teas! Yum Yum!


Monday, 7 May 2012

UK Handmade summer showcase

Look I'm there! In the UKHandmade summer showcase! Lovely stuff :)

Head over and take a look here.

How have your bank holidays been? Mines been lovely, starting off with a wedding in Devon, my boyfriends sister got married in the most beautiful location in devon, Sharpham Estate, the manor house was just amazing and it was so much fun to stay there.

Here are some pics from the day..

Anyhoo speak soon lovelies!


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Remember those necklaces?

 Well this one...

And this one....

Are now available to buy here

Hopefully they will be in Upstairs at bs8 on park street in Bristol by next weekend too :-)


Saturday, 28 April 2012

My framed prints and cards are now for sale at 'Cordial & Grace' in Clifton, Bristol

Cordial & Grace is a beautiful tearoom and sewing parlor situated at no 9, the mall, Clifton, Bristol.  They have sewing facilities that you can use on a drop in basis and you can also hire the parlor for events such as birthdays and hen parties. I'm so happy to have six framed prints for sale in Cordial & Grace and greetings cards too! I think the decor and colour scheme of this venue is a perfect fit for my artwork. I will post photos of my work up on the walls asap, but until then here are the links for this wonderful place.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends? I will be in Upstairs at BS8 tomorrow selling my wares, pop by if your in  Bristol!