Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Grr some cheeky so in so is using my designs without permission!

My blue bicycle design has appeared on this tshirt dress in the ETSY shop DAUNLONDON.. It was spotted by my friend Fay who got in touch to let me know. I have contacted the ETSY seller asking them to remove the listing and not to use my images without my permission. We shall see.. in the mean time I've reported them to ETSY. Cheeky things!

Here is the listing for my blue bicycle A4 print. As you can see it's the exact same image.

Grrr this makes me unhappy!!!


  1. BLimey - that is disgusting! I can't believe some people! I hope Etsy sort it out for you! x

  2. You too! I had the exact same thing happen to me last week - not the same seller but..... The item has been removed but no word from the seller - surprise, surprise! Hope you get it sorted

  3. So naughty, I can't believe people do such cheeky things. Saw on FB it happened to you too Becky. Tut tut!

  4. Blimey some people are so cheeky! It looks like the item has gone now but the shop is still open. I wonder if any of the other designs belong to anyone else on Etsy? I hope you get an apology x

  5. Oh Rebekah, that sucks. I really feel for you, this kind of thing seems to be happening so much at the moment :( Hope it's been sorted now xx


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