Friday, 24 August 2012

The Finches and Things exhibition & ramblings!

So the group exhibition that I have been part of titled 'Finches & Things' kicked off on monday 20th and tonight (Friday 24th) we will be taking our work off the walls. The opening night was a great success, with lots of visitors (thank you to all that came). I got some lovely comments about my work which is always nice :)

Any unsold work will be going to the 'Lovely Fairs' market in Failand, N Somerset tomorrow (10-4, come and visit)!

I will also be putting some framed prints aside to go into the St Werberghs city farm shop in Bristol. The city farm is opening a shop next week and I am so pleased to be one of the artists whose work they will be stocking which is very exciting! Plus I get to visit the farm and see all the animals when I drop off stock, yippee! :)

I've had a nice time today catching up on some blog reading, I've especially missed reading the 'Red Parka Diaries' blog.  Jen the lady behind red parka diaries is just so kind and helpful with all of her 'how to' pages and the other useful info she posts. I sometimes forget about the wealth of free resources available from bloggers on all sorts of topics. There really are some super kind & helpful people out there!

I hope to return to blogging more frequently from now on...I've finished my Level 3 in supporting teaching and learning course now. I have the shiny certificates to prove it to! It feels good to see all the work i've done over the past year checked off and graded. I've almost finished the 2nd course I was doing too. (I just have one assignment left).So by this time next week I want to have that one wrapped up aswell.

I start back at school next week, with a new class to teach which is very exciting! I will possibly still be taking the pottery as-well until they find a new teacher. Then at the end of Sep I start a part time teacher training course in the evenings...It looks like 2012/2012 is going to be as exciting as 2011/2012!

Well what are you twenties for ay?

Speak soon :)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Arthur cat is helping me prepare for mondays exhibition! Well sort of..! I've prepared 11 framed prints of various sizes and it's getting exciting... We are hanging all the work tomorrow and I can't wait to see it all together! :)

If your in bristol do swing by and check it out, 'Finches & things' at Hamilton house, Stokes Croft, Bristol. Opening night this monday 5-8 pm x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

'Finches & Things' a Bristol based exhibition

When: Opens on monday 20th August from 5-8pm, runs until friday 24th August.
Where: Coexist space, Hamilton house (next to the canteen bar) Bristol.

Showing the work of four illustrators, Abi Ponton, Bethan Buss, Jenny Mackendrick and me :)

Come say hello!