Monday, 4 June 2012

Photos from the Lovely Fairs Market Sat 2nd June

Here are a couple of photos from the Lovely Fairs market. Laura who runs Lovely! Fairs just sent them through and I thought you may like to see! 

I really enjoy doing the markets and meeting other makers and customers :) I do need to get more organized with them though. I need to prepare a checklist of things to take and also create a mailing list form so I can start a mailing list. Next time...

Anyhoo enjoy the bank hol monday! I hear there are lots of street parties happening, If you are not street partying and just having a day out in town make sure to pop into 'Upstairs at BS8' which is where I will be toady.  We have a very exciting new artist/maker team on board, Tovie&Corrie of TovieCorrie. Their creations are just blimming gorgeous and I have my eye on many of their things...!

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  1. Wow, I hope it went well, I have my first fair on the 23rd of this month, just a local thing. Any advice would be great?

    Ps I have an award for you on my blog x


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