Sunday, 9 December 2012

Photos from today and yesterday

From top to bottom:

Yesterday : A card made by one of the pupils at my school, I bought this at our Christmas market, however I can't bear to part with it so it's framed and hanging it my hall. Isn't is fantastic?

Today: My garden from the bathroom window, it's looking so wintery out there. I rarely get to look at the garden in daylight as I leave home in the dark and return in the dark.

Yesterday: A necklace I bought from the school market, again made by one of the pupils at the school, it's made of felt beads and wooden buttons on silver ribbon.I wore it last night with a grey tshirt and patterned skirt and it worked well, just added the right amount of fun and colour :)

Today: A lay in with Arthur cat, he's so so so cute! However he has taken to hiding under our bed so we think he's outside and then at 3am he's there sat on my head trying to wake me up for food!! Not funny! I guess it's a lesson to us, if we got round to clearing out all the surf boards etc that are under the bed he wouldn't be able to hide so well!!

I hope your all having a good weekend, I'm getting my head down to some university work and lesson planning now, not the best way to spend a sunday but it needs to be done.

Speak soon :)

PS: I recently finished some christmas cards for  a client and will be able to show you soon, watch this space x

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  1. hi you! i have been lurking silently - am LOVING the logo and the student card you framed!!! and all of it, of course, including cats on heads. glad you are busy and well, hugs for the holidays x


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