Sunday, 8 January 2012

A belated happy new year!

A belated happy new year to you! I hope 2012 is treating you well. So far my January has been crazy busy. I'm back at work at the school and it's nice to be back, some of you will know that I work at a school as a Pottery workshop leader with special needs children. This term I have some really hard working students who have already made 4 coil pots in the past week, it's amazing to watch! I'm looking forward to seeing the other projects I have on paper come to life. Apart from school work I have a lot on with my part time courses, I'm doing a level 3 diploma in teaching and learning and a level 2 diploma in horse care and riding. The next few weeks are going to be hectic but I will get some new designs together soon. I'm really looking forward to finishing my part time courses in July 2012 so that I have more time for art and making. I guess you could say that's my new years resolution, to finish my courses..Oh and to travel to a new country for a few weeks. I'm considering Slovenia in the summer..

How about you all? Any new years resolutions or goals?

I got given a book on origami birds for Christmas, I can now make a penguin, swan,water bird and a crane! My favorite is definitely the swan though which is pictured. The last bird in the book in a peacock and it looks really difficult. I'm going to work up to it! Arthur isn't very sure of them. A second after the below picture was taken he swiped at it and I had to rescue a soggy origami bird from his clutches! Right I'm going to crack on with some coursework, have a good evening people!


PS: Hello to my new blog readers, I can't believe there's a 100 of you now, blimey! I think this calls for an art giveaway soon to celebrate :-)


  1. Just found your beautiful blog through JustKatie and I love it! So happy to be your 100th follower and can't wait to see more. Xx

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Hope you had a good Christmas. Loving the swans, I can do a boat but that's about it sadly. Keep up the good work, love visiting your blog!

  3. Happy New Year Rebekah! Love your origami swan. A friend of mine made some origami crane earrings by varnishing the paper and attaching earring hooks. They looked really great.

    Have a great start to the year, sounds like you're keeping busy! xx

  4. Yes, I do have one intention for the new year - better posture!
    Your list sounds much better, and I would bet if we compare notes at the end of the year, I will still be working on mine. ;)


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