Tuesday, 4 May 2010


A while ago I did some drawings of flowers and petals, I really liked the style of them and thought they would make great patterns, I'm really enjoying how bright and cheerful the colored backgrounds make these patterns...summery and delightful! :-)

here's what I've come up with so far.

This blue one reminds me of those tiny little fish that you can buy at pet shops...the shimmering blue ish ones!! I don't know what they're called, anyone else know?!

Then I began to play around with colour, I really like these patterns on the white and also with bright summery colours. So I thought I'd post my experiments.

I think the blue and the green are my favorites! Right I'm off to walk to the gym and to see some sunshine! I hope everyone's having a sunny day :-)


  1. Hi Rebekah

    I finally am sending of homemade gifts to you and hopefully two others.
    Tjeck the post and send me you e-mail, then I'll send you something homemade in return :).


    Cheers Zarah

  2. wow. these are absolutely amazing. i'm in love with the yellow pattern, its just so happy :) :) wish i could work on my art more but i just cant seem to find the time except for the weekends. thank you for your comment on monday artday! absolutely love your patterns! keep them coming. :)

  3. I love the fluidity of these patterns and the bold colours.

  4. These patterns would look lovely on a summer dress!

  5. Thanks Anna, yes I agree, I'd like a summer dress in the yellow petal design please!! Maybe one day soon! :-)


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