Thursday, 5 August 2010

Things I love day 7

Good morning everyone! This should of been yesterdays post but I didn't finish drawing until late at night. Drawing for day 7 is my lovely Singer sewing machine, my poor  sewing machine is really in need of some love...I often look at it and feel guilty and forever on my 'To do list' is 'spend more time getting to grips with the sewing machine'..I really have no excuse and should get on with it! So the black pens came back with this drawing, I'm really happy with how simple it is and I kept the colours simple too.

Any ideas for easy projects that I can do with my sewing machine? I also got another Owl and number drawing done to add to the set:
Cheerio :-)


  1. the sewing machine is wonderful! use your fabrics and make anything at all, and people will want whatever you make :) owl no. 4 is done in my favorite colors.. cannot wait to see more

  2. you can always draw using a sewing machine. its difficult but can give some really interesting images. use a callico type fabric and sketch onto it, then sew along the lines :)

  3. Good idea Louise! I'll let you know when I've made some progress, i'm terrible, must get on it!!


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