Monday, 23 August 2010

Days 22 and 23

Update: I decided to enter the cup and saucer image for Illustration friday's word/theme of the week for 24/09/2010, the theme is 'old fashioned'. This is the first time I haven't entered a new illustration and I feel a bit cheeky! However it was only created a month ago and I have just been so busy of late. I hope new viewers of this image will like it. Thanks!

My new (old) cup and saucer and me new shoes, I might use this cup and saucer as a candle holder as the cup is pretty small and dainty.I hope everyone is well, I'm all tired after my days away, had a really fun time though and got to walk on Dartmoor with some lovely people, the moors are so beautiful. I wish I'd taken some photographs, we kept saying it was like being in Narnia or in Bag End from the Lord of the Rings!


  1. these are great, but you know i'm particularly enamored of the teacup... soooo elegant x

  2. Yes I like the much fun would it be to do a series of teacup and saucer pictures....?and an excuse to shop in charity and antique shops!! haha :-)

  3. I love illustrations of tea cups and I love the way you draw!

  4. Beautiful illustration , lovely :)

  5. they are pretty, both dear!!
    Thanks for following!
    and enjoy your cup and (new) old fashioned shoes!!

  6. Great illustrations. I love your line style!


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