Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The trees outside are golden

Oh yes they are! Very beautiful indeed. I drove up to the midlands this past Sunday and went for a walk on the Mendips and I was surprised by how much more golden all the trees were up country. We went to view a puppy, but there had been a mix up and they had re-homed him already :-( We got the call when we were half way there. Double sad face :-( Well our search for a pup will continue but not for a while as Ben and I are working too much, this was our window where one of us would of been at home for a month.

ANYWAY that is not what I wanted to tell you! I wanted to say that my 'Christmas Robin' Christmas card is now on Etsy, priced at £1.50 per card..Go buy go...!

Also I have just sold my first Framed, mounted print through Etsy to a lovely lady in Norway. If you would like to buy a framed/mounted print from me, a perfect present for xmas. All ready to give to a special someone than you can! Just message me through my Etsy shop for a quote.

 This is my Zeiss Ikon Contessa camera print, framed and mounted ready to go...

Over at twitter Gemma Correll just tweeted about her new Drawing project based on womens magazines taglines..Very funny and worth a view!

Also I've always wanted to know how to cast using resin, My Girl Thursday has a fab tutorial over at her site now. Take a peek!

Bye for now *****

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  1. Oh, love the print mounted with a frame! Such a great idea!



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