Wednesday, 9 November 2011

There is always time for tea..

'There is always time for tea'! My new drawing! It's a nice thought right? I've seriously got back into tea lately, I have been a BIG coffee consumer for years and this is a new way for me. How have your days been? Mine has been busy, and should of been a lot busier, but I made a decision to not do the thing I was supposed to do tonight after work. Which was to go spend the evening working with horses at a yard in Gloucester (as part of my Level 2 diploma in horse care & riding). I was also there until 8pm last night so was feeling it today. Instead I cooked myself a delicious dinner, sweet potato, goats cheese, olives & salad...mmmmmm ...Had a bath, and did some drawing! I think I made the right decision! Sometimes theres just too much to do and I get run down so easily that when I start to feel really zapped it just isn't worth pushing it.

So tell me you busy bees, how do YOU all do it?

Hope all is well out there, night night :-)


  1. Lovely illo, very girly and quite dainty. Can imagine this on tea towels

  2. v.cute illo, and yes there is ALWAYS time for tea! even if you have to make time, it's necessary to keep a cool head. tea - keeping artists and crafters de-stressed since god knows when!


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