Sunday, 6 November 2011

Gift tags

Gift tags - I've started selling gift tags in my Etsy shop! So far I have 3 designs up for Christmas, I have spent this evening photographing them and they are now on Etsy.

My 'Peach Deer' design has returned as a gift tag, and this design will also be featuring on Christmas cards very soon. The new 'Christmas Robin' design has been made into gift tags as well as cards.

Lastly I have something new to show you, I have a new set of drawings that I have made into a set of tags; they all feature cosy, festive woolly garments!

All of the tags come in packs of 5 and are for sale in my Etsy shop priced at £2.50 a set.

Peach Deer Gift Tag
Christmas Robin Gift Tag
One of the designs in my 'Woolly Garments' gift tag set!!

I hope you are all well? I have a roast dinner in the oven..mmm! First one in a long while. Hope your enjoying the fireworks out there, I'm enjoying them from inside this year. Speak soon  :-)


  1. So lovely!!
    Deer on pink is my favourite

  2. Hi vesna! Yes I think its also a favorite of mine!

  3. Oh the deer is so beautiful Rebekah! x

  4. I LOVE these, especially the Woolly Garments! Did you make these at home? x

  5. Absolutely love them! Especially the wooly set! And I received my package yesterday, you lovely, lovely lady! Thank you so much. Will email :) xx


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