Friday, 18 November 2011

Some lately photos


Some photos taken lately at work, top to bottom: On a walk with a student in the gardens/Christmas decorations being made in the Pottery by the students / A pear tree, autumn style/ The elderly dairy cow that now lives in the field in front of the Pottery workshop, it's nice to watch her chilling out in the field but sad that shes so old and now separated from the others/ The top of the tepee which is sometimes used as an outdoor classroom.

So this is where I work. Its pretty amazing and beats an office, if you don't mind mud and wearing layers of woolly jumpers in winter!

Have a great weekend all, hope to be back soon with some new drawings! I'm in serious preparation mode for the Xmas markets coming up and have tons to do.

Bye for now! :-)


  1. This looks likes a lovely place to work, especially the part where you get to wear woolly jumpers in winter :-)

    Bless the elderly cow, I bet she receives lots of fuss and attention x Can I come and work there? :-)

  2. A teepee classroom is just too cool. Looking forward to seeing your new drawings x


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