Monday, 31 October 2011

Hello blogland! How I've missed you!

Hey folks how are you? I've missed blogging and reading all of yours, and hearing from you all of course! I am busy with work and my two part time courses. Yes thats right I'm now doing 2 part time courses! I enrolled last week on a level 2 Diploma in Horse care, I'm doing 2 evenings a week after work. I'm really excited as I have always wanted to qualify as a riding instructor and now it could be in my future. :-)

Today I started working on my Christmas card designs, it was SO much fun to be drawing again. I've finished one design that I wanted to share with you now and I'll post more this week. I want to have them designed, printed and packaged by the end of this week for my Etsy shop and the 'Chrstmas at the barn' craft market that I'm selling at, in Frome on the 26th/27th of November.

I will post more designs very soon, until then  xox

ps: Sorry for the early Xmas chatter !


  1. Love the card!! And nice to see you back in blogland :)

  2. what a beautiful little Robin! nice to see you back too. Life is just too busy sometimes isn't it? x

  3. What a cute chubby little Robin! Love the design :)


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