Saturday, 30 October 2010

Oh so lucky!

Hi everyone!

Two new paintings done on small box canvases with acrylic paint and felt tip. I really like these two, I personally prefer the colours of the orange and turquoise painting but the purple is sweet too. I was thinking the other day about horse shoes being a symbol for luck and I remembered that a stables I rode at used to have one on there mounting block to touch for luck before a ride out. I also got to thinking about the game 'Horseshoes' so I did some research and it's actually an official sport, you learn something new everyday! I found some information on it here.

So I imagine everyone is preparing for Halloween? I'm preparing my Crow costume at the moment, still need to make my wings though so I'd better get on it! Have a good Halloween weekend all :-)


  1. These are simply wonderful, i love horse shoes:))
    Happy halloween!

  2. Lovely Becky! I really like the colours.

  3. Love it! The colors are great :) BTW, the new banner is fab! great work.


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