Friday, 15 October 2010

IF 'Transportation'

Yet again I failed to complete it on time...But I did it anyway, I was supposed to be busy tonight but then last minute plans changed and I suddenly had an evening free. I am so loving this evening, sitting in my art space, drinking tea listening to music that I have been wanting to listen to for ages now, but I have just been too busy to sit and make and listen lately. So yes tonight I am a happy bunny :-)
Earlier I did a quick image for last weeks Illustration Friday challenge, the word was 'transportation', so here are some wheels. I like them a lot.I hope to post again before the weekend is over, I have one finished painting to show you and the other 2 are almost there. I hope you are all having a good Friday night, happy weekend to you! 
Good night  ***


  1. nice...i really like your color palette...

  2. love these! i know how you feel with the busy-ness, it's the best feeling ever though when you can actually sit down, relax and do some arty stuff :)


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