Monday, 25 October 2010


Hey all! I hope you are well, it's flipping freezing here at the moment, actually it's colder inside my flat than outside as its a sunny day outside, but still, right now I feel cold..I'm clutching mammoth sized cups of tea for warmth and the steam from my cooked breakfast this morning almost made it impossible to see what I was eating..Haha! Still I am a few months away from putting drinks in thermal mugs, wearing a sleeping bag over my clothes whilst doing art, wearing thermal base layers and having frozen water pipes...So I shouldn't grumble really!

Okay so I finished another painting yesterday, there was no plan to this I just started a painting and this is what happened. I quite like it although it doesn't really look like something I'd create. It almost looks too cute, however I do really like the texture and colours in it, it has a nice optimistic feeling to it that I'm really enjoying.


  1. haha, your cold there? think of me up here in Edinburgh! i just bought a new winter coat today though so happy times :o) this painting is amazing, the texture is great and i love the tree details in the background! xx

  2. I love the colours....and yes, the tree too. nothing wrong with a bit of cute occasionally...this painting has a lovely feel to it.
    And I am cold too. Boooo. The worry is that it isn't even that cold yet, and i've had four layers and leg warmers on already!

  3. the texture in this is wonderful! i think drawing/painting what you love is the best way to do it. you are making me want to paint! and get a new scarf...

  4. Thank you ladies! Yes Blissful chick your right, drawing and painting what you love is the best way to go about it I think,and we can never have too many scarfs!

  5. i love the greens, and that the outline of the horses is blue. really beautiful to look at.


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