Thursday, 28 October 2010

New banner, an online revamp!

So I decided that my online places are in need of an update, I have changed my blog banner and also my Etsy banner. Even though they are not identical I think they still feel similar enough to work together in my head. I am also in the process of updating my Etsy shop and Flickr account, I have let them go lately as I have been  far to busy to give them any attention.

I also have new work to show you which I will do very soon...It feels good to have refresh of all these online places!

My new Etsy Shop banner!

I am a little sad to let go of the birds that have been on my banners for so long now, I did sneak the little yellow bird with 'socks' in to both banners though, I don't think I could lose the birds completely..that would be a step too far! ;-)

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