Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Illustration Friday 'spooky'

Go me! At last an entry in on time! :-) So for this weeks word I got thinking about foxes and the noises that they make. You know the scary screaming noise the females make and the other noises that the cubs make when they begin howling. I've heard these sounds many times living in the countryside in Devon and they always gave me the creeps!
So I began researching foxes online and I came across this article about a sighting of a black fox in the UK, the article is from the Telegraph newspaper and is about a sighting of a black fox in a grave yard in Lancashire. The article goes on to explain how black foxes are very rare in the UK....

David Dunlop, Lancashire Wildlife Trust conservation officer, said: "Only one black fox has been seen and, as far as I know, it's the only one to be seen in this country before," he said "In North America, I think it's about one in five red foxes are black but that's because they were introduced from Europe."

Image from here

So I thought why not draw a black fox, a bit 'spookier' than a red fox image right? So I sat down to do a painting. Here it is...

I've got to say that I love this little painting! I'm so happy with it, it's great to make something that you love isn't it?! I'm still working on some other paintings, one in particular I keep restarting with...I'll get there soon though!


  1. amazing :o) that photo is very creepy! glad you are enjoying painting again, i need to try it out again soon xx

  2. this is gorgeous! he looks ghostly with the dashes of blue showing on/through him

  3. wonderful texture and design

  4. I love your black fox. Beautiful!

  5. I'd be very happy with it too. Love it!

  6. That little black foxy is cute, if not a wee creepy, but your guy looks very noble. I like the color choices a lot. :)


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