Monday, 4 October 2010

Art swap

I recently swapped one of my 'listen to the birds' prints with Vesna of my Cherry Tree in exchange for one of her lovely broaches. I ended up with not one but two lovely broaches that arrived in fabulous packaging that I am very impressed with. Thank you Vesna!!

Beautiful packaging, seriously have you ever seen something so beautifully packaged? I need to make an effort with my packaging..It's on my to do list! I'm wearing this bird broach on my green winter coat at the moment.

And then the next broach arrived..Check out that packaging! I really really love this broach, it's so so sweet! Vesna has just received the print I sent and has posted an image of it on her blog, you can also view my Listen to the birds print on my Etsy shop.

I heart swaps!


  1. Aww how sweet is that little bird! Amazing packaging, makes you feel so special when it arrives. Swaps sound like an amazing idea.

  2. Thanks Rebekah.I like to play when I pack for someone special.Your birds are amazing!Thank you

  3. You know...I'm a dolt. I got one of your lovely birdies, and I don't think I sent you anything! Would you like one of my prints?

    I also left you an award over at my place. :)

  4. Vesna is really an magician in wrapping:) and she makes all this cozy happy creatures!

  5. Soo cute! Love Love the birds :)


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