Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Etsy love

Detail from 'Zebra River', painting by LeiLiLaLoo

I recently purchased some items from the Etsy shop 'LeiLiLaLoo'. I have been following the blog 'LeiLiLaLoo' for some time now and I adore the creations of the blog/shop owner Dana. I purchased the painting 'Zebra River' and the pillow 'Tiara, girl who does the fire dance'..The items arrived a few days ago and I am so happy to have them! The items are of such fabulous quality, Dana really is such a talented artist/maker. The shop 'LeiLiLaLoo' is now stocked with new works and worth a peek. I can't wait until I can purchase my next painting, I have my eye on this lovely painting.


  1. Its so amazing isn't it?? I adore it!

  2. Wow to the cushion too! Also, Happy Birthday!

  3. Thank you so so much rebekah. I am so delighted that you like them :))
    Happy (belated) birtday!!!


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