Thursday, 23 September 2010

September news

This past week I have been super lucky to have been mentioned on the beautiful design and lifestyle blog by British blogger Kerry called 'The seventy tree',  thanks so much Kerry!

I am also participating in an art swap with the talented artist Vesna of 'My cherry tree' she is having my 'listen to the birds' print and I am receiving  one of her beautiful bird broaches.. I'm so excited! I love doing art swaps! If anyone else out there fancies doing an art swap then you can email me via my website contact page.

So I am smiling from ear to ear at the moment, although I am exhausted from my new job, getting by on caffeine only tonight! It's a beautiful autumn day here in Bristol, and today I have been admiring all the colours of nature. I am so fortunate that even though I live right in the city I work in a rural location and get to spend time in beautiful gardens and even on a farm (I dug up carrots in the vegetable field today with the children)! I plan to take some photographs of the sights at my place of work and I will share them with you when I do. I am so inspired by the colour combinations that I see in nature, today one of my favorite combination's was a gray blue sky and deep red leaves..

I hope all is well out there, have a good evening all, I'm off to make an apple cake, YUM!


  1. How wonderful! It's always lovely to have public recognition. Well, as public as a blog gets, anway! :) I still love your little birdie you sent me!


  2. Congratulations on the mention, these things can be very uplifting for us artists, can't they?
    It sounds like you have a lovly job, being able to be out doors and with children. What do you do for a day job?


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