Monday, 6 September 2010

A very late day 29! OOOPS!

Hey all! Well it has been a whole 10 day since my last post which also means I'm 10 days behind on my daily drawings...A big oops there then! I intend to catch up, life has been very busy! I've been spending a lot of time back 'home' in Devon visiting friends and family. I also started a new job at Steiner Waldorf school, and I can happily say that this seems to be the first job I've had since University that I am really enjoying..I love the school, the staff, the pupils and the environment. Also having only experienced mainstream schools before I am really impressed and very interested in Steiner education and looking forward to learning more. So happy happy me!
I have also been to a wedding and some birthday parties in the last week, mix all this up and I haven't had time to draw! I have however collected some things to draw in the past week, the first image being of a pebble with a hole in it, collected on Branscombe Beach in Devon.

Hmmm sort of looks like a gray doughnut?! I hope everyone is well, even though I've been quiet over here I have still had time to read your blogs over coffee in the early morning. I love you creative bloggers, it's always inspiring to see what you've been up to!

Bye for now!


  1. great news about the job! and this stone is so pretty!

  2. Hey Rebekah, did you show any of your work at the Spike Island Open Weekend this year? Your birdies look familiar... they're lovely!

  3. Hello Em Foster :-)

    No I didn't exhibit, I also didn't get round to seeing the open studios as I was away at the time.Such a shame as the work is usually amazing! I would love to know who the artist was of those birds, I shall do some detective work online! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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