Thursday, 4 November 2010

Devon, swaps and Etsy

Happy Thursday people!

I have been away for a few days, a few longer than expected actually. I went to Devon to see friends and family and it was a bit of a whirl wind tour but it was lovely. I am happy to be back though and am currently catching up with bits and bobs at home. I wanted to share these photos with you that I took whilst away in Devon, I guess you could say these show some of the reasons I love going back there..

 watching the deer in the grounds of the castle near my dads..
 Visiting friends who have amazing retro taste in furniture!

 and who pot plants in milk jugs..

and teapots..

 and have beautiful cats.... (She's sweeter than she looks)!
I also like visiting friends who live on farms, who take me to see tiny piglets..

and cuddling up with one of my mums cats, this is Otto, he's a Siamese cat and by far the cuddliest, sweetest cat ever. So I've had a great countryside filled few days and now I''m back in the city and looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to and getting on with some more art work myself.

One thing I have done since I've been home is to take some more pictures for my Etsy site and package up a print to send off to Tami of the 'Ah, Bliss' blog. I have done a swap with Tami and she is having my sewing machine print and I have been very lucky to receive one of her Typewriter prints, I love this typewriter print and can't wait to have it up on the wall in my new house!
I'm trying really hard to create more interesting photos for Etsy, what do you think? I hope I'm slowly getting there!

The fabulous Typewriter print sent to me by Tami of 'Ah,Bliss'.


  1. Great photo's for Etsy, very creative! Glad you had a lovely time in Devon, it's sooo beautiful! x

  2. i'm so glad you enjoyed your visit! and, truly, i feel you got the short end of the stick on this swap... i will post my beautiful singer the moment it arrives :)


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