Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's been a good weekend.

I hope all is well out there and everyone has had a good weekend? I started yesterday morning off feeling a bit rotten (one to many drinks and an extremely late night..oops).. However things soon picked up as I managed to do a lot of shopping for art supplies which definitely helped my mood! I purchased lots of coloured/patterned card and paper, some amazing glittery sequin style stickers (see above), patterned tape, a new cutting knife and a GLUE GUN (very exciting)! I also got the tools to start myself off Lino printing at home, I'm really excited about this! I can't wait to get down to some lino printing explorations! So all in all a good day.
Today i've done some art work that I want to share with you..check out the sequins!

This collage is called 'Above the city', I used acrylic paint, patterned paper,sequins,and pencils for this piece. Below is a glimpse of one of the Matisse inspired cut out pieces that I'm working on, I'll show you some finished collages soon. I can't get enough of the bold red horse shape!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. mine was very creative ;)
    beautiful collage

  2. glue guns are awseome! and so are sequin dots, loving all your horse pieces :o) xx

  3. The bottom collage reminds me of Molly Bang's "Picture This" -- a great book. Love the pony!


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