Friday, 26 November 2010

It's friday!

Good evening all! It's FRIDAY!! Not only that but it's also snowing! I'm very excited, I love the snow! Also I've also been making advent wreaths and paper tissue snowflakes at the school tonight in preparation for the advent Sunday celebration and the lead up to Christmas...So I'm feeling very festive!
When I got home tonight I had an email to let me know that my 'Donkey ride' print had been included in a treasury by Paradise Pie titled 'Donkey days', I really love this treasury and if you would like you can view it here.
Remember my Donkey ride print? It is for sale at my Etsy shop.

Paradise Pie has a shop that sells vintage items, I have my eye on this pendant made from broken china. Thank you Paradise Pie for including me!

Happy friday everyone!! :-)


  1. Oh, Rebekah,
    Thanks for sending me a link to your blog! And thanks for writing about the treasury, too, and including a link, and for even mentioning my shop too. I really appreciate it!!
    I sure hope it brings the people featured in my treasury some new customers.
    Sounds like fun: the snow flakes are falling and you are preparing for Advent with wreaths and snowflakes. It inspires me...
    xo Abigail at Paradise Pie

  2. And I love the photograph of the mossy trees and the red leaves..


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