Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pink poppies remind me of frilly knickers

Its true, they do! ;-)

I drew some today and here is the outcome, I can't decide on the background colour. I at first went with this blue but then my other half suggested this yellow. I think they both work.

What do you think?

This will be one of the new prints in my Etsy shop come September. I'm really enjoying drawing flowers at the moment, I had a craft night last night with a friend who does embroidery. I was working on my crochet. I can now do two different types of crochet stitch. I'll be crocheting swans and horses before you know it (haha)! maybe a bit adventurous! However I am working on getting a decent patchwork blanket done by winter.

I am very excited about trying out embroidery at some point in the future. I'd like to embroider some different images onto hoops to put on my living room wall...It always looks good right?

I hope all is well with you guys? I'm just trying get my head round lesson ideas for my new job starting this term. Did I tell you? I 'm going to be a  part time pottery teacher in the mornings then an LSA (teaching assistant) for the rest of the time. Its all very exciting but requires some organizing on my part.

Apart from that I am still very s..l...o...w..l...y painting the house..Upstairs hallway today!  Enjoy your evening/morning/day, take care & do something fun :-)

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  1. Flowers are also my favourite thing to draw not that I do much drawing. These poppies are lovely and thanks for introducing me to this is the kit I'm loving that song too. Oh and I love the yellow but I have a bit of a yellow obsession at the moment!

  2. I like the yellow background, here in Brazil that blue unfortunately was formerly used in a very popular brand of stoves and today no one supports it. (Lol). But I still love your drawings. Congratulations, when I build my house I'll hire you to do the wallpaper.Sorry for my bad english. =*

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the blue alx! And I'd love to design your wallpaper ;-) Have a great day

  4. Love the title of this post. It made me giggle before I had actually clicked on the link. I love the yellow background and your drawing is beautiful!

  5. Congratulations on the pottery job! It is a lot of planning but I'm sure you'll be great! : )

  6. wow congrats on the job! sounds like a fab position :) i like the yellow best i think, very cheery :D
    i'm currently crocheting a stegosaurus, saw this super cute pattern on etsy and just had to make it!


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