Saturday, 13 August 2011

Caravans and flowers

Howdy, hows things?
I had an amazing crafty day yesterday with my friend lili, we made apple & 3 berry pie complete with pastry top with pastry decorations (stars,planets,aliens..we got a bit carried away)! We also got stuck into some clay work and I made a vase in the shape of a shark! Silly, crafty fun! I forgot to take my camera but lili took photos so I'll try to remember to post! Today I have been working on my weaving, (yes that's still going on...I keep making mistakes then taking it apart)... :-/ 
I'm also knitting and crocheting squares for a patchwork blanket + trying to do some drawing too! I've just finished this drawing of a caravan that I thought I'd share.I'd love to have a caravan. Oh so cosy!

There's not much else to say folks, except I hope your enjoying your weekends. I've just been introduced to the band 'this is the kit' and i'm quite obsessed! I've been playing this song on a loop...

Cheerio :-)


  1. gorgeous! i'd love a caravan too, would make a good studio or gallery space i reckon. i may have to buy one when i have some money!

  2. Wow - This beautiful design. Here in Brazil we call "Trailer." I wish I had one in my garden. Kisses!

  3. Thanks for your comments folks, they always make me smile :-) Happy days to you x

  4. Fabulous! Loving the colours - bring on the summer!


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