Monday, 22 August 2011

Melanie Deegan /Sophie Ryder & Nicola Hicks

I'm not long home from work, spent this afternoon cleaning and organising the pottery, still so much to do... I thought i'd draw for an hour or so this evening, so I was trying to draw a profile of a girl and as usual I was getting infuriated by it. So I took a break and came across some images by the artist Melanie Deegan online. Melanie Deegan makes wire sculptures that she builds up with other materials to create this interesting effect. To me they look quite dark, a bit nightmare-ish, and sinister. Whilst also being quite amazing to look at.

Her work reminds me very much of the work of Nicola Hicks and Sophie Ryder, two of my all time favorite sculptors.

Crawling Lady Hare by Sophie Ryder Via here

Greyhound Sculpture by Nicola Hicks Via here 

I hope you like...Now getting back to that drawing.. I really think I need to go to life drawing classes again you know... Sometimes I get a strong feeling within my art that I need to go in a certain direction. At the moment I'm craving a more traditional, realistic drawing style. Does anyone else get that too? Also I've wanted to start a big painting for a while now.... I'll have to add that to my creative project list! The never ending creative project list...... ;-) Have a good evening all **

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