Friday, 5 August 2011

Time to 'fess up' (& 20% off at my Etsy shop with code)

Hi all, how you doing?

I feel its time for me to 'fess up' so to speak! I have been thinking of writing this post for a week or so now but as it happens something else has happened today that I need to tell you about too..So its a double 'fess up!

Well I have been wanting to explain my lack of art work here on my blog. I'm sure you have noticed that any sign of me actually making work has sort of trailed off lately...This has been replaced with me just posting about things I like, which is all good sometimes as I do love writing about other artists now and again, just not ALL the time.

The thing is that I just have not wanted to do any artwork for a few months now, I think it's because I've been really busy (tired, stressed) and I have just felt unable to do anything. I know everyone gets this now and again so I'm not going to dwell too much on it I just wanted to acknowledge that this has been going on.

I also have been avoiding my studio using every excuse under the sun not to go in there and work.

* I don't have the internet out there (do I need the internet to make work?no).
*there's no music out there (I can take the radio out with me)
*I need shelving/more storage (translates as its a complete mess and I can't face tidying)!
*It's annoying going from the studio to the house each time I forget something......blah blah blah..

These are all terrible excuses and I know it. If you'd of asked me before we moved into this house I would of said it was my dream to have a proper art space..Now I do have one and I make terrible excuses not to use it. :-/

Well all of my art materials and the space were in a complete mess. Really, such a mess and this was one of the main reasons I didn't like being out there. So today I got up and spent 5 hours tidying it up..I'm so happy that I did! I went through bags of tangled wool, spools of thread, found lots of things i'd thought I had lost, put things neatly in big clear containers, labeled things, hoovered everything and wiped everything down...I even got rid of the many spiders that had made my studio their home (sorry spiders)!

Then after all this I sat down with some paper and did my first drawing in too long. It feels like I'm on the up with my art again. Yay!

There it is, my once messy studio (and Ben gardening)!... But look now..
 I know I have far too many books...I'm a book girl you see, not a bag or shoe girl. My book buying has calmed down considerably over the past few years thankfully! Above is a close up of my pin board. If you've ever done a swap with me or I've bought something from you and you've included a note you may find it on here. Its really inspirational seeing the notes and cards from other bloggers and online sellers up there.

Etsy shop update

Okay so the other thing I wanted to tell you was that I was contacted by a potential customer earlier on today asking about my shipping costs. She was a bit confused by them. So was I when I looked into it!!! It seems I had misunderstood the 'combined shipping' set up and so my shipping for anything over 1 item has been ridiculously high. All corrected now though, and i'm so thankful that my mistake was pointed out!!

To celebrate all the things mentioned in this post getting sorted out, I have decided to offer 20% off anything in my Etsy shop (redeemable at checkout) for the rest of august. All you need to do is enter SILLYMOO in the coupon code box!


  1. Your studio looks lovely, I have been doing similar. I always find a good tidy up motivates and inspires me to do some new artwork :-)

  2. Gorgeous studio! That's great you've got your motivation back, looking forward to seeing your new work! Gonna hop over to our shop now for a peek... xx

  3. Well done! Nothing like a good tidy up to Spring clean and motivate the mind !

  4. i was wondering where the lovely art had gone to, it's hard to concentrate sometimes with so much going on. glad you're getting back into the swing of things and i am SO jealous of your studio, it looks amazing! keep at it :)


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