Sunday, 21 August 2011

Oh how I love tiny bunting!

I also love big bunting, fabric bunting, lace bunting, paper bunting, animal shaped bunting...You get the picture.. ;-)

My mum and step dad came to visit for the weekend, and whilst the men were watching 127 hours (The one where the chap falls down the rock, and has to saw off his own arm with a blunt pen knife...Not for the squeamish, but an amazing story all the same)! My mum and I made tiny paper bunting! We made some using blue twine and old maps of devon for my kitchen windows. Then we made some using left over scraps of wrapping paper for my living room. So simple yet I love them! 

Its added a bit of color and fun to the house. I really can't wait to get all the floors/walls done, and the log burner put in the living room. I've been putting off adding any sort of nice bits and bobs until then, as I know it'll all have to be moved...

I also got this crochet blanket from a vintage shop in the Clifton Mall in Bristol yesterday, it's so nice and colourful. Sweet don't you think?

I've had a nice weekend  & I hope you are all having lovely weekends too******


  1. Very cute bunting, and great crochet blanket too. I've had bunting fever this weekend and made granny triangle bunting and some crochet heart bunting. So fun! Hope you've had a lovely weekend xx

  2. You have beautiful place!!
    I like buntings too ;)

  3. You have great taste, I love your bunting, mirror, scarf, green sandals and blanket. Your house looks lovely :-)

  4. oooh i love the map bunting! such a cool idea :)


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