Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Look what I found

Pssst.. Look what I found! Cute isn't it? It was chucked out on the street. Good news for me. I think I have finally have somewhere to put all the things that sit on the floor beside my bed..You know, my diary, a stack of unread books, letters, lip balm & random pens and hairbands.... Those things that just seem to end up there..

The plan is to clean it up, paint it (maybe a coral colour)? and then distress it a bit..Maybe..Or I might just change my mind completely and leave it as it is...After cleaning it up of course.

I love the different sized drawers.

And it's little rounded feet.

Happy evening folks :-) ***


  1. A mobile classic style. Perfect. Leave it as is, just pass a varnish to give an air of freshly cut wood. =* !

    (Sorry for my "good" english)!

  2. Good find!! Would love to see a pic when you have painted it :-)

  3. What an awesome find! Can't wait to see the after photo.

  4. This is beautiful Rebekah, fantastic find. You must post after photos so we can all see! xx

  5. Great find Becky was this the piece you found with Hannah? :) love you Dad x x


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