Monday, 31 January 2011

Super sweet

So I've just got in from work, just finished a cup of tea , still have the raging headache I've had all day (argh)! BUT I feel very happy, the kids in the flat downstairs are going crazy with their keyboards and even though it's not helping my head it sounds happy and is helping my mood! I've just read this Etsy open tour studio article which has made me soooo want to be a full time artist some day *cross my fingers and my toes and wish wish wish* hehe..... ! And  I have just been included in this great treasury by SLCSLC titled 'HOT list'..... I love this treasury! You can view it here.

Groovy. Right I'm going to try to get something in for this weeks Illustration Friday topic..I have a plan..! Speak soon :-) 


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